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Acrylic outer wall coating

Acrylic outer wall coating is prepared mainly on synthetic resin emulsion,pigment, extender pigment, all kinds of auxiliary
The company has a history of over twenty years in producing coatings for interior and exterior wall(conventionally called emulsion paint). Product quality reaches national standard. In 1999, it received ISO-9002 international quality system certification. At present, it is in accordance with 2000 version. The enterprise will provide technical service by professional persons. The current production capacity is more than 6,000T.

In accordance with China national standard GB/T 9756-2001 GB/T18582-2001

Test method
Top quality
First quality
Qualified products
Material state in vessel
After mixed, even and without any hard blocks
This standard
No obstacle when paint twice.
This standard
Low temperature stability
No deterioration
This standard
Drying time(surface dry)/h ≤
Appearance of coating film
This standard
Contrast ratio (white and light color 1)) ≥
This standard
Alkali tolerance
24h normal
Washing resistance/time ≥


Main use:
This product can stick cement material tightly, fine washing resistance , resistance to weather. The security & practicability are better than mosaic & tile, Used as external wall decoration in home, office, shop, tour site, hotel etc


Packaging and storage:
20-50kg in clean dry big mouth plastic drum / plastic coating metal pail, In dry airiness place, avoid rain & isolation , the storing temperature should be more than 0 centigrade.
In transportation, avoid rain & isolation , follow the normal rules of transportation department, The valid period is 12 months, if the storing time is more than 12 months, the quality check is necessary.

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